GAZ Group begins selling the new generation GAZelle Next van in 140 dealerships across Russia. The vehicle is offered in two versions:

  • a 3 seater cargo van with the body volume of 13.5 cu. m
  • a 7 seater cargo van with the body volume of 9.5 cu. m a

The new model’s features include: good functionality, excellent handling and ergonomics, base trim with the most generous offering of standard features and the best in class value for money. At the same time the price of this GAZ van is 25-50% lower than that of competing products offered by foreign manufacturers, while the cost of maintenance, spare parts and consumables is at least 1.5 times lower.

When designing the new vehicle engineers paid special attention to convenience and functionality, elaborated minute details ensuring comfort during operation. The volume of the cargo van is 13.5 cu.m, which is 30% more than that of the previous generation GAZelle van. A special hatch under the passenger seat allows transporting items up to 5 m long. Easy access to the cargo bay allows loading and unloading to be simplified to the maximum extent. The rear doors can be fixed in semi-open position at the angle of 90оand in the fully open position at the angle of 270оproviding the carrier with flexibility even in confined spaces of urban environment. The high sliding door is fitted with a reliable and ergonomic mechanism supplied by Rollmech Automotive. Plastic lining of the van walls and the flooring made of water-resistant and wear resistant marine-grade plywood protect the body surfaces against abrasion and damage. Lashing eyes allow convenient and reliable securing of cargo.

The GAZelle Next combi van allows transporting up to 7 people and 9.5 cu.m of cargo and combines the advantages of a truck and a comfortable minibus. The wide sliding door allows easy access to the rear section of the body. The rear seats are folding and can be converted into a convenient sleeping accommodation. The spacious compartment under the second row seats can be used for storing personal items of the driver and passengers. Apart from that, folding tables, mesh pockets, a 12 V outlet, a USD connector and recesses for small items are provided for convenience of the second row passengers. The interior LED-lighting will further contribute to the comfort inside the vehicle.

The GAZelle Next body is made of galvanized steel and its certain elements – of high-strength fiberglass reinforced plastic. This ensures long service life and good anti-corrosion performance of the vehicle.

The base trim of GAZelle Next has the most generous offering of standard features in the commercial van segment. It includes protective lining of the body (flooring and wall trim), lashing eyes, a cable-type spare wheel holder, fuel filler flap remote release, cruise control, rear door opening at 270о, a hatch for long items, an engine preheater/heater by Webasto (for combi van version), a cigarette lighter and an ash tray in the dashboard, and other features.

A whole range of novel technology solutions makes driving a GAZelle next more comfortable and its design more reliable. This is the first GAZ vehicle to feature a cable-type gearbox shifter (a joystick) by Atsumitec Toyota Tsusho located on the dashboard. A new plastic fuel tank with capacity increased to 80 l allowed the fuel endurance to be improved. The upgraded rear suspension incorporating a new auxiliary spring and modern shock absorbers by Mando ensures a better stability and smooth ride. Reinforced cross bars and extra reinforcing elements allowed increasing the durability and reliability of the whole vehicle structure.

The van is based on the GAZelle next chassis that has been manufactured since 2013 and has already won huge popularity among carriers and other business representatives. The independent double wishbone front suspension, rack-and-pinion steering, brake system with double reserve capacity, spacious and convenient cab, driver’s seat with 5-way adjustment capability ensure excellent handling and a high level of comfort and reliability.

For the new GAZelle Next van production new automated welding and stamping complexes were installed and the paint shop and assembly line were renovated at GAZ automobile plant facilities.

Vadim Sorokin, GAZ Group President:

– When developing the GAZelle Next van we set for ourselves a task of providing our customers with the best-in-class functionality at the lowest price and cost of ownership. The first sales of the new model began in December 2015 in seven regions of Russia. By now we have already gained a positive field operation experience, which demonstrates that the vehicle meets the most demanding requirements of our customers. In combination with the good warranty terms, long service life of the body and structural elements, the widest sales, service and spare parts network GAZelle Next becomes the best professional tool for cargo transportation, servicing and other transport-related businesses.