GAZ-330811 “Vepr”GAZ Vepr


GAZ 33081 is AWD off-road vehicle which is made to concur the most difficult surfaces with a very wide range of outside temperature (-50°C …… + 50°C). This car can overcome mountains as high as 4500m from sealevel. There are 3 versions aviable – cargo truck, 5 passangers, 10 passangers. As a cargo truck the vehicle has 2000 kg of lodaing capacity and with 5 passangers the loading capacity is 1500 kg. As addition we can add a cabin heater which will be located under the front seats and winch which will be located at the front of the vehicle.

Wheelbase: 3770 mm
Ground clearance: 315 mm
Overall dimensions: 6250x2340x2570 mmm
Engine: D-245.7E2, turbodiisel, 4,75 l2 Vepr sisu1 Vepr esi
Power: 117,2 hp at 2400 rpm
Gearbox: 5-speed, fully synchronized
Max speed: 85 km/h
Empty weight: 4065 kg
Max angle: 31 °
Max water ditch: 1 m
Loading height: 1360 mm

Vepr fotoseeria2