All wheel drive cargo transporter with full frame body. The car has a Cummins ISF 2,8 diesel engine which operates very well at low and high rpm. With all wheel drive, decelerating gear and high clearance this car can operate at very difficult surfaces (forest, field, mining). In the year 2013 allwheel drive system was improved so the ride is much smoother and quieter. This van can carry up to 750 kg of cargo. Capacity of the cargo room is 6 m3. With extra seat row there will be 7 seats all together and room for cargo 3 m3.

General description 3- or 7-seater, van
Cargo room capacity – 2460 x 1830 x 1530 *
lenght x widht x hight, mm 1330 x 1830 x 1530 **
Drive type 4×4
Load capacity, kg 750 * / 600 **
Gross weight, kg 3000
Gearbox mechanicale, 5-speed
Transfer case mechanicale, double stage, lockable middle differential
Engine: diesel, Cummins ISF Euro5
– capacity, l 2,8
– power, kW 88

* 3-seater; ** 7-seater

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