GAZelle Next

GAZelle Next is made by Gorki automotive industries and is a small truck with a gross vehicle weigt of 3.5 tons. It is perfect for different operations in city and also in countryside – offroads.

The vehicle comes in four versions: 3 seater long chassis, 3 seater short chassis 7 seater long chassis and 7  seater short chassis.

The new GAZelle Next has been modernized a lot. The vehicle has totally brand new interior, new transmission and new suspension. Engine is very reliable Cummins 2,8l diesel engine which produces 88.3 kW. Max torque is 270 Nm. Gearbox is 5 speed fully synchronized manual. Load capacity is 1.2 tons and maximum speed is 130 km/h.

Thanks to its strong chassis it is the perfect vehicle for special machinery. There are hundreds of different solutions that can be installed on this chassis (fire fighting equipment, hydraulic cranes, aerial platforms, hooklifts, tippers and etc.). And because this vehicle does not exceed the 3.5 ton gross vehicle weight it can be driven with anyone who has normal car drivers license.