KAMAZ-4311843118 2

KAMAZ 43118-A5 is a 6×6 big truck with a gross weight of 21,5 tonns. Chassis can carry up to 10 tonns of cargo which is 4 tonns more than the well known previous model. With this drive type this truck is perfect for countriside useage where there are no roads. Because of the inter-axle and inter wheel differential locks this truck has no limits where it can drive. Thanks to this this truck has a lot of usage is search and rescue services and in military services.

General description 3-seater, chassis with cabin
Drive type 6×6
Load capacity, kg 11 600
Gross weight, kg 21 600
Gearbox ZF – mechanical, 9-speed
Engine: diesel, Cummins ISL Euro5
– capacity, l 6,7
– power, kW 221

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