When operating a vehicle off paved roads, such as in the construction industry, maintenance of roads, gas pipelines or E-power lines, but also in the transport of agricultural products and other demanding activities, where increased adhesion and off-road driveability are badly needed, a common configuration 4×2 is sometimes just not good enough. In this operation field the all wheel drive 4×4 version of the AVIA D120 will demonstrate its abilities. Thanks to its robust design-of the front driven axle, which has proved itself in such a difficult test, as truck trial race series, AVIA D120 4×4 is an ideal solution for transport in off-road conditions.

The engine of this D120 is a four cylinder Cummins Euro 5 with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) with the AdBlue liquid injection. These engines are characterized by high reliability, low fuel consumption and low operating costs. And this produces 185 or 207 bhp depending on the engine model. Gearbox is by ZF and is manual 6-speed, fully synchromesh. Gear shifting by cables, prepared for mounting a PTO to drive auxiliary power units of the superstructure. Transfer box is Praga 2P150 with road and off-road gears, off-road gear reduction with permanent power distribution 50:50 between both driven axles. Cabin is all steel, zinc coated metal panels, anti-coorrosion protection by cataphoresis e-coating, forward tilt, LHD and RHD vesion, with 4 points suspension – front mounting points on rubber bushes, rear suspension with coil springs and hydraulic shock absorbers including automatic hydraulic lock-down device. The chassis are made by Axles Albion or Arwin Meritor, ladder-type cold riveted and/or bolted construction with U section side members and open profile cross-members. The fueltank is 120 litres and AdBlue tank is 30 litres.

Engine – Cummins 4,5L Euro 5; 160/185/207 hp

Gearbox – ZF 6-speed; manual; fully syncromesh

Gross weight – 12000 kg

Load capacity – 8500 kg