Air-cushion vehicle also known as hovercraft is a year-round vehicle suitable for driving on waters, snow, ice and other different soild from temperatures -40 to + 40 degrees. The hovercraft can transport people and goods, and it is suitable for rescue work at and near water.

Hovercraft is equipt with so to say rubber skirt, inflatable and flexible side barriers.

Many of the parts used on this hovercraft come from light commercial vehicle GAZelle. ITU Rebella as a GAZ vehicles dealer has a long time experience with GAZ vehicles and hovercraft maintenance. 

What makes the hovercraft Mars 700 so good:

  • Economical diesel engine
  • High speed, cargo capacity and driving range
  • Low nois level: in cabin and outside
  • Comfortable interior
  • Durable air-cushions

There are already three hovercrafts in Estonia.

Hovercraft manufacturer has considered all required standards and laws.

More information: +372 516 8258